Log your event

To log an event:

  1. First put the event in your diary or calendar. (google calendars works well as that's what we use).

    • Make sure you put in the :

      • Event name

      • Where it will be

      • Description of the event or or even a link to your website or a poster on your website.

  2. Before you save it invite milverton.diary@gmail.com as a guest.

  3. Now save and that's it and that's it.

      • Your event will appear on www.milvertondiary.org.uk immediately. (refresh the screen if you can't see it)

      • If it is before publication of the Milverton & Fitzhead Magazine it will be printed in the Diary page in a reduced form.

      • Plus you can:

        • Put much more information about your event including contact details etc.

        • Link the event to your website or a poster that you have in the web

        • Amend or even cancel the event if you need to and it will be amended on our website.